Animal Sounds Pro - Nature Voice Effects Simulator App Reviews

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One is forced to rate it in order to watch it.


Stop pop ups

Stop fishing for ratings

Interrupts me constantly

Incredibly annoying reminder to rate app in Paid version

Poor choice in the developer part to brute force reviews. Please cut it out.


I paid for this stupid nagware so my kid could play with it uninterrupted and now your prompt to rate it is making it unusable. EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Saying no once should remove the pop up permanently


Purchased it to stop the annoying adds now have to write review but still nothing special. No extra sounds or anything


Bought the app so the ads would stop and then after every animal sound it asked us to rate it. My son just wants to listen to animal sounds and this app is making that extremely difficult. Hopefully rating it will let us use the app for more than 5 seconds without being interrupted.

Worst app ever

My child cries every time an add comes out and that is a lot. Does not stop asking you to review it and forces you to say you like it. Needs lots of improvement. Try better.

Stop asking me to rate it

I hate you

Rate it

Seriously! You’d more stars if you didn’t ask to rate it every 3 sounds even after I said no to rating.

Animal sounds

Needs to be bigger pics

This app hold you hostage...

The app (paid version) and its sound effects are great. Wonderful for fun with a Bluetooth speaker. I would give it 5 stars but it asks you to rate it after each play of an animal sound; even if you decline it.


One sound and you get an add every time. Even with the pro version, you will continuously get a request to rate this app.

Great sounds, annoying requests.

I bought the ad-free version, but still have had to deal with the"rate me" requests popping up every 10 seconds. Seriously? It would be a great app if I could actually use it without the frequent requests... You know... Like a paid version should be...


I paid a dollar to get rid of the constant ads only to then have a review pop up every other button pushed. This is awful. My toddler just wants to hear the freaking animals. Rude.

Great app

Great app my nephew loves it


The kids love it. Only thing is constantly having to review.

No sounds. No responses to emails

I have even paid for the ad free app and still has no sound. I have sent two emails from the app and went to the app support site listed here, it is a page with only one line on it written in a language I do not understand. I am not thrilled.


My two year old loves it

Good for what it is

My kids love hearing and learning the sounds.

Good app.


Don't pay to remove adds

If you pay to remove adds your kids still get annoying pop ups to rate the stupid app. If it wasn't for my kid liking it, it deserves no stars.

Annoying review pop up

I don't mind being asked to review an app, but if I choose no - go away. I DO really like the animal sounds but I'm giving 3 stars for being so annoying 😡

Just ok

I hate it when an app makes you write a review just to get an ad to go away.

Repeatable Voices

Not so many and clear animals voices. And also some animals have very similar voices and so many repeatable voices..

Good but ratings are annoying

I like this app but why does the rating Box always come up? Annoying.

Great but

Please take off the rate ad every two seconds


Stop asking me for review. I already brought the app and now regret having to write this annoying review.


My son loves the chicken! Loves all chickens!




👍🏼 good app



Toddler loves it

The ad to rate it keeps coming up

Desperate for reviews

Maybe if the "leave a review" box didn't pop up every minute I would have left a better review

Great app but stop asking for rating

Downloaded this for my young toddler. Ended up buying the pro version because she doesn't need to be spammed with ads nonstop. I'm hoping that writing this review will stop the app from continually asking for a rating.



Mr onkodd

Nothing and don't even deserve a reviekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkll

Write a review

My son can't play it because every five seconds it ask me to write a review. So I am writing this review in hopes it will stop asking or any review.

Animal Sounds

Like this app especially the dolphin sound


Good app

Oh no!

It's the same as everyone. Kid loves it and I purchased it so no ads and now it asks to rate all the time. I hate this thing!



Pretty good

Lots of ads


Can't stop it from forcing me to write a review. Even after buying it.

Not good

Too many popups


Free version full of adds. Paid version has no sound. Rip off!

Great...when it actually works

My toddler loves this app so much that we bought the ad free version. This has way more animal sound options than other similar apps. The problem is that this app only works sporadically. Some days it works perfectly and she is entertained for long stretches. Other days, no sound comes out no matter how much we tap on an animal picture.

Stop asking

No, I didn't change my mind about leaving a rating after the first time you asked, let alone the 20th, and my siblings didn't either. Completely disappointed. Steer clear from the pro version of this app (or any version) unless this issue goes away.

Good for what it is

Buy the add free version to avoid anger and frustration...

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